TIR Carnet is a customs transit document valid for all contracting countries to the TIR Convention (currently – 68 countries) that replaces the customs declaration and the tax guarantee. TIR Carnet ensures and guarantees the smooth delivery of shipments by international routes to their consignee. Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association “LINAVA” issues TIR Carnets in Lithuania. CMR consignment note is an accompanying document compulsory for the international carriage of goods by road. CMR consignment note proves the transaction between the consignor and the consignee, the delivery and the transfer of the shipment to the consignee. We will fill in the documents promptly and correctly and complete all necessary procedures related to TIR Carnet and CMR consignment note.

Import is an entry into a country regulated by the goods laws of a foreign country.
Export is the delivery of goods from one country to another regulated by laws.
Transit is a procedure for the transit of goods through the territory of certain countries without payment of any customs duty during their import or export.
In case of these customs procedures, we will fill import/export/transit declaration. If necessary, we will calculate and pay taxes (duties, excise, VAT, etc.) and prepare all documents related to these procedures.

Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail (SMGS) and Uniform Rules Concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Goods by Rail (CIM) regulate railway transport business. The common CIM / SMGS consignment note is used in contracting parties to Agreement / Contract

We will prepare and/or obtain all necessary permissions and certificates, as well as certificates of fitness issued in all customs posts necessary for shipment delivery.

We will advise you before import / export of goods to/from European Union or third countries, and inform you about the duty and excise taxes of imported goods, customs procedures. We also advise on issues of necessary documents and permissions and determine the product codes. We provide information about essential amendments of laws and other important issues related to the goods imported or exported by the customer. We look into the customer‘s situation individually, offer the best and most suitable solution, as well as complete all customs procedures and formalities.

The mandatory advance declaration at Belarusian and Russian customs offices came into force on 17 June 2012. It imposes an obligation on the holder of the vehicle to complete a customs declaration and to lodge it at the customs office before the vehicle arrives at the border post.

We can directly represent our customers at territorial customs or Customs Department. It means we can attend the customer‘s cargo clearance, declaration, goods verification, take care of preparation and receipt of permissions and certificates, extend the terms of procedures, receive explanations regarding customs procedures or the performance of customs-authorized acts and directly communicate with customs officers.

Intrastat is a data collection system introduced and intended for the single market of the European Union. Purpose of Intrastat is to collect the data from the companies about the trade flows between the Member States of the European Union.
Intrastat reports must be submitted by VAT payers whose value of goods shipped / imported in the previous calendar year exceeded the limits of Intrastat export and / or Intrastat import reporting set for the following year. Lithuanian Department of Statistics calculates these limits and announces them each year.
We can guarantee our customers the prompt, accurate and professional completion of Intrastat reports and their submission to customs office.

Intrastatas – tai duomenų surinkimo sistema, įdiegta ir skirta bendrai Europos Sąjungos rinkai. Intrastato tikslas yra tiesiogiai iš įmonių rinkti duomenis apie prekybos srautus tarp Europos Sąjungos šalių narių.
Intrastato ataskaitas privalo teikti tie PVM mokėtojai, kurių praėjusių metų kalendorinių metų išvežtų/įvežtų prekių vertė viršijo kitiems metams nustatytas Intrastato išvežimo ir/arba Intrastato įvežimo ataskaitų teikimo ribas. Šias ribas apskaičiuoja ir kiekvienais metais skelbia Lietuvos statistikos departamentas.
Klientams garantuojame greitą, tikslų, profesionalų Intrastato ataskaitų pildymą ir pateikimą muitinės įstaigai.


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